How To Use The Umba Daima Discord

March 1, 2022

Written by:
Kwame Newman-Bremang
Iris Nevins

Welcome to the Umba Daima community! You should know, healthy NFT communities are fluid, cooperative and sharing. The Umba Daima community embodies all of these traits. We are here to support you along your path whether you are an artist, collector, developer, founder, or just looking to do cool stuff in web3.

NFT communities are known for leveraging new technologies to communicate, engage and have fun. Between Twitter posts, Twitter Spaces and Discord, keeping up with new tech can seem daunting but it’s really not so bad. These tools will help you stay informed, connected and supported. You'll find it’s worth the learning curve once you take the time to learn the tools. 

This article is meant to ease the learning curve for leveraging discord, one of the most powerful tools out there for building and organizing an online community. If you want to learn more about avoiding scams and preserving your sanity while on Discord read our Best Practices For Discord article.

Discord Overview

We’ll focus on the Umba Daima discord, since that’s the best place to connect with fellow community members to get real time support, education, encouragement, and friendship.

How to join discord

You can connect to the Umba Daima Discord community using the Discord desktop app, on a web browser or on the Discord mobile app on most mobile devices.

To access your Umba Daima community on Discord go here (or search “Umba Daima” in the Discord search field)

When you first log into the Umba Daima discord, the majority of channels will be hidden. You’ll need to take a few simple steps to unlock each layer of the discord until you are fully onboarded. The discord is broken up into sections, which are visible based on a few factors that we’ll talk about later on in this article. Just know that the ONBOARDING and HEADQUARTERS sections are the most important sections for understanding the community and getting help.

Get verified

Click #get-verified in the left menu. A direct message (DM) will be sent to your inbox from Wikbot containing letters that you can use for your CAPTCHA verification.  Respond with the letters from the DM in the #get-verified section to prove you're human. Now you can review the #Rules section and that's it! You can now experience the Umba Daima discord community in all its glory. We'll… There is one last thing, but it'll be fun and will help customize your Umba Daima discord experience. It will also allow people to know more about you.

Subscribe to your channels/select roles

To ensure you have access to all the desired sections of the Umba Daima discord, let's go ahead and pick your channels. Press #subscribe-to-your-channels in the left menu. Select the appropriate icons beneath each list of regions, roles and interests to choose your channels and update your profile. 

Select up to two regions. This selection opens the corresponding sections on the Umba Daima discord. Then select your community roles. Select between Collector, Generative NFTs, Black NFT Art and Artist. Again, these selections unlock more areas in the discord community, particular to your taste and sensibilities. Lastly, select your interests. Right now you can select between Photography, Film, Software Engineering and Music. As time progresses more sections and channels will be added so keep an eye out for those updates. Also, pro-tip: you can select any community member’s profile to see the roles they've selected.

Say hello :-)

You’ll be sent to #greetings after that visit #introductions for your warm welcome, to introduce yourself and learn more about your new Umba Daima family. The links to both are in the left menu under the ONBOARDING section.


You're good to go! Now let’s explore your variety of customized Umba Daima channels. You can go to the #Umba-Daima-Lounge to chat with other community members, go to #bna-lounge to connect with our Black NFT Art community, scan the #events section to find our events on Twitter, Clubhouse, Discord or in real life (IRL). #share-your-art is the place to post your creative expression of all types and show love for other Umba Daima community members' art. Make sure to frequent #opportunities to stay informed about opportunities for artists and community builders! Jump in the #dj-booth to select and listen to a custom playlist.playlist Lastly, you can get feedback on your artwork, project or find collaborators in #feedback-and-collaboration, and that’s just some of what you’ll find exploring Umba Daima discord.

Get help

One of the best things about being in our community is that you have a network of support at your fingertips.  If you find yourself stuck or confused in our discord, go to #help and query the community. For NFT newbies go to #nft-beginners and fellow community members will give you answers or point you in the right direction. We are happy to help.

If you run across web3, NFT or crypto terms that you aren’t familiar with, don’t worry. We got you covered. Go to the #glossary section and type in the term. You’ll get your definitions in a fun, fast and interactive way.

Rise Token Collectors

Collectors of the Rise Token will notice an additional section of the Umba Daima discord, the #rise-collectors-lounge. There NFT collectors hang out and share information about upcoming opportunities, including pre-release access information. There are also scheduled NFT collectors and web3 classes that you can benefit from. There are big benefits to being Rise Token collectors.

Pay it forward

Remember as you build your experience and skills it’ll soon be your turn to pay it forward. Jump into #help or #nft-beginners and see if anyone needs any assistance. Visit #share-your-art and comment on your fellow Umba Daima community members’ artwork. Pop into your custom channels and chat, engage, encourage and support your community!

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