Country: Kenya

I am a digital artist based in Nairobi, Kenya. I specialize in portraiture, illustration and graphic design. My themes are mainly based on history, music, culture, celebrities and common ‘mwananchi’ man.

My art journey started way back in 2015 while pursuing a degree in Business Information Technology (BBIT), which inspired my approach to art in the digital scene.

Out of curiosity and inspiration from cartoons, I started experimenting on different subjects after watching tutorials on YouTube. I turned this newfound passion to a side hustle whilst in campus. After a few years of practice I became well versed in Adobe Photoshop and decided to pursue a career as an artist.

The aim of my work is to express the complexity & mystery of the world through visual imagery.

If it’s from a place of love, you’ll feel the vibe” – YoungKevArts

Skills – Digital painting, illustration, 2D motion graphics, graphics design, photo manipulation

Technology – Adobe Photoshop, After effects, Adobe lightroom


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