Lizzy Aroloye

Country: United States

Lizzy is a 24 year old Nigerian Canadian self taught multi-media artist, creative, and film maker. She attended the University of Toronto where she majored in CCIT – Communication Culture Information Technology and double minored in Film Studies and Sociology; Her program was a joint with Sheridan College for a diploma in digital communications.

Lizzy works with mediums such as metallic Acrylics, Sculpting, digital drawing, and digital film and photography. Her work explore expressions of self love and nostalgia in relation to cartoons, animation and the representation of women figures and an inward assessment of ‘the self’ in relation to lived experiences as a black women and life as an emerging artist artist. She is heavily influenced by music and how the of mediums like music, art, and poetry can work together to create a visual pleasing masterpiece.


my music & animation