"Wildalps is a multi award winning exhibiting fine art photographer, highly passionate about dramatic alpine landscapes and the magic those giants embody. Playing with light and shadow, different perspectives and techniques to tell emotionally captivating photographic stories is her signature. Her photographs take beholders on a journey to higher grounds, were the air is fresh and filled with the scent of new beginnings, portraying the beauty of nature in her purest form. Wildalps takes inspiration from nature, universal energies and alpine terrain were she captures grand landscapes, but also more intimite frames and closeups. Her fine art works have been associated with the works of Ansel Adams (Saatchi Art) and Karl Christian Ludwig Hofer - Magic Realism is her artistic home. All landscapes are real and can be visited; She does not create composites or photo collages, just very minimal post processing. Wildalps believes in showcasing Mother Earth's true beauty, documenting alpine regions for future generations and nature preservation. With her art, Wildalps is sending out visual meditative impulses of transformation into the universe through her alpine magic realism, looking to manifest world freedom: ""Creating portals of light drawn on the blockchain, documenting IRL magic on web3, building visual bridges between two worlds through Alpine Magic Realism photography and mixed media artworks to manifest world freedom... until my last breath."" ~Wildalps"