Umba Daima's Iris Nevins

iris nevins

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CO-founder & ceo

Iris is a former teacher, community activist, and artist who became a software engineer after realizing that technology could be used to reduce socio-economic inequality.

In 2017 she completed a coding bootcamp and became a software engineer at Mailchimp, where she later led teams and projects as a software engineering manager. During this time she launched Umba Daima as an e-commerce store to help artists sell their work online, then transitioned into building diverse communities in the technology industry.

Iris aims to use her wide array of skill sets such as teaching, community organizing, team building, public speaking, engineering management, product development, and strategic planning to grow Umba Daima into one of the most powerful community building companies in the world.
Umba Daima's Omar Desire

omar desire

Co-Founder, Chief Creative Officer

Omar is an artist, activist, and entrepreneur who believes that art is the spearhead of human innovation and evolution. In 2008 he completed a degree in film studies and later co-founded The Roots Collective, a social org, clothing line, and print shop focused on building Black cooperative communities.

Born in an immigrant Haitian family of artists, Omar witnessed first hand the struggles that artists from developing countries face in trying to grow their careers without being exploited, so in 2019 he partnered with Iris Nevins to launch Umba Daima. He recruited artistic talent from around the world, connected them to opportunities, and produced artistic collaborations that have been life changing for a number of artists. Some of his notable recruits are Heno., a California-based rapper, and Isaac Udogwu, a Nigerian American animator.

Omar is the creative visionary behind Umba Daima’s visual branding and art curation.

our team


Bilikisu Muhammad

Executive Assistant
As an executive assistant, I provide high-level administrative support to executives and other senior staff in the organization.

Nicole Elmore-Sparks

Program Operations Manager
Former educator and caretaker, passionate about diversity in web3


Adejoke Adeosun

Content Manager
Adejoke is an expert Web3 content strategist, content creator, copywriter, and social media manager.

Carol Maglio

Design Project Manager
Brazilian, audiovisual producer for 24 years, social media strategist and analyst and content creator.

Dayenn Bennett Pires

Graphic designer, video editor and motion designer.

Derion Lipford

Marketing & Product Consultant
Co-founder of Knomadix, working on digital marketing and product for Umba Daima.

Isaac Udogwu

3D Artist
Nigerian-American digital artist & martial artist currently based in South Carolina.

Kearra Taylor

Marketing & Product Consultant
In early 2020, Kearra created Knomadix to support entrepreneurs and creatives efficiently build out and scale their wildest dreams.

Kwame "Symbolik" Newman-Bremang

Communications Manager
An interactive creator who started off in Hip Hop. Symbolik creates 360 Virtual Reality and NFT digital art that impacts the real world.

Sam Poyan

Twitter Marketing Strategist & Management - Worked with 40+ businesses on content, social media marketing, and community growth.

Stacy Zeal

Digital Marketing Strategist
Stacy has generated over $150 Million with paid social ads. She's a Facebook Ads expert that's worked with Zappos, Crocs, UGG & more.

community & events

Enoch Jemmott

Community & Socials
Enoch brings his expertise in social media management, & campaign development. He is a content creator and community lead.

Judith Brittany Wallace

Event Producer
Intellectual athlete and community builder.

Raeshawn Pelote

IRL Events Organizer
Building ecosystems through event production and curation for the culture.

Resty John Limas

Community & Marketing Manager
I love music! NFTs are not mutually interchangeable, hence not fungible and that's my jam!

partnerships & sales

Anthony Mathis

Director of Partnerships
Dedicated to efficiently executing profile-raising campaigns and events with the end-goal of maximizing growth, visibility, and success.

Hareem Arshad

Executive Assistant
My background is in recruiting, sales, and admin support. I currently live in Pakistan and support the Umba Daima CEO!

Nick Goddard

Partnerships Lead
Within the intersection of traditional entertainment and Web3 lies diversity, beauty, and inclusion. Let’s get to work!


Kyle Hill

VP of Product
Kyle Hill is President and Head of Digital Assets at Troika IO.

Tevin Harris

Technical Project Manager
Tevin is a Technical enthusiast with a strong background in Information Systems and Information System Risk Management.


JoAnn Holmes, Esq.

Legal Advisor/IP & Digital Assets Attorney
Jo advises on Web 3 law, and helps brands and creators monetize NFTs, DAO IP and metaverse assets.

Mack Flavelle

Co-founder of Cryptokitties & Dapper Labs, currently the CEO & Founder of Bighead Club.