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Umba Daima is an online art gallery & agency helping high potential African, Afro-Caribbean, and Afro-Latino/a artists find success in the lucrative U.S. art market. Our clients live in countries like Ghana, Kenya, Jamaica,  and Colombia. Their needs vary from access to U.S. events to access to computers or marketing tools. 

Inequalities exist in the art world such that talent does not always equal success. Unfortunately factors like race, class, nationality, and gender play a role in artist success and changing this requires very intentional effort. 

We are leading the effort to bring equity to the global art industry.

Umba Daima offers the following To Our Shoppers:

♡ Prints and original paintings with free international shipping.

♡ Licensing of Artwork to use on production sets, apparel, and more.

♡ Custom art work and portraits. Send us the project details and we’ll match you with an artist.

Umba Daima offers the following To Our Artists:

♡ Payment collection that is reliable and hassle free without banking issues or account shutdowns

♡ Digital portfolio and resume covering your work experience, accomplishments, and upcoming projects

♡ Events & Exhibits opportunities to display your art at U.S. events and programs

A “diaspora” is a scattered population whose origin lies in a separate geographic locale. People of the African diaspora, Black people, face discrimination and oppression in many regions of the world while the continent of Africa continues to battle the consequences of colonialism and global white supremacy. We believe that African art is crucial to challenging harmful stereotypes about the African diaspora and building empathy and compassion for the continent of Africa.

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