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Evolution 2022

Evolution 2022 is a photo manipulation project that transforms captivating moments by photographers. into active, positive, continuous moments that build on the depth and storytelling of the original photograph. Evolution2022 is a reminder that hope, opportunity, and magic have always filled our lives even in the most difficult moments. You are continuously deciding your own path even if you don’t realize it. The future can be amazing if you just call it into existence.

Manifesting Magic

Manifesting Magic is about faith, change, vision, and working towards the person you want to be. It’s about seeing and sensing the truth. The woman in Manifesting Magic is both observing and manifesting the world around her. As the central figure in her own story, she has the power to both create and experience her life at the same time. As she goes through life she consistently imagines and visualizes her future self, her new self, her better self. The portal serves as a reminder that at her core, she remains the same and that no matter how bright her future becomes. . . her future self must always look back to remember the beauty that she came from.

Riding the Horizon

Water heals. Light reveals. Stay moving. Stay fluid. And stay grounded. It’s okay to freely flow through the evolution of self, not knowing exactly where you’ll end up or who you will become. In the end, source energy will always come back home to the center.

Growing Apart

As brothers get older they must learn to become their own person, growing into themselves separately but still together and evolving while everything around them is constantly changing. It’s interesting, growing up and eventually away from a person that was once your best friend, sometimes your only friend, always your family, and will forever be a core part of your identity.


The energy you put out into the world comes back to you. Your energy, words, and mindset shapes your reality. It’s so easy to consume, with all the distractions in the world, but make sure you take time to isolate, be with your own energy, and get in touch with who you really are.

Mother's Intuition

The Black Mother, Guiding her daughter towards her full potential. Past predators and violence. They climb. Sometimes it seems the heavens are against them. And the devil. But Black Girls got magic! Through time and space Launched into the pages of history By a Mother’s Intuition.