Community Manager, Latin America & Caribbean

Full Time - 40 hours/week
6 months
ideal location
Remote; Miami (Florida), Brazil, & Colombia preferred
employment status
Independent Contractor
$xx/hour, varies by experience and location
start date
April/May 2022
apply now

Umba Daima is an NFT studio working on exciting creative projects while building community and providing Web3 / NFT experiences.

We’re looking for an honest, hard-working, strategic, and systems-oriented community manager who can lead community building initiatives for Spanish and Portuguese Speakers with a heavy emphasis on the Caribbean & Latin America. This community manager will develop and implement social media and community building initiatives to expand the Umba Daima Community to be more inclusive and inviting to people from Latin America and the Caribbean as well as those who speak Spanish and Portuguese. This role uses events (online & irl), social media, and Discord as key community engagement tools. 

You will bridge the gap between Umba Daima & other Web3 communities by building relationships, engaging brands and public figures, amplifying community members, recruiting new community members, and helping our community thrive. You will translate, teach, and organize with groups of people who speak English, Spanish, and Portuguese. . . bringing them together under one the Umba Daima umbrella.

The ideal candidate must have a strong knowledge and passion for all things cryptocurrency, Metaverse and NFT along with having prior community management experience. The ideal candidate is obsessed with social media, building online communities and proficient in how content travels on the platforms. 

You can learn more about our company here.


  • Grow and develop the Umba Daima community by increasing audience/community following, participation, and engagement on our social media platforms:

                      1. Umba Daima IG & Twitter

                      2. Discord

                                - UD Headquarters & Onboarding

                                - Interest Based Channels

                                - Regional Channels

  • Develop and implement campaigns and strategies to: 

                       - Strengthen relationships amongst community members

                       - Increase visibility for Umba Daima

                       - Increase engagement with Umba Daima initiatives, events, and content

                       - Recruit new members to join the community

                       - Grow discord membership & engagement

                       - Grow social media following and engagement 

  • Find allies and seek partnerships for Umba Daima by building relationships between Umba Daima and other communities, brands, and leaders.
  • Track and present the metrics and data around growth and engagement 
  • Keep the Discord and social media channels safe and secure from scammers and bad actors
  • Translate content from English to Spanish and/or Portuguese
  • Collect and communicate feedback from our Spanish & Portuguese community members
  • Translate online & IRL events so that people of multiple languages can participate
  • Host Spanish and/or Portuguese language events online and occasionally in-person

Minimum Qualifications

  • Minimum 1 year of experience in community management or leadership either online or in real life
  • Proven editing skills: honing the clients’ Twitter voice and applying it to all content
  • Passion for engaging on Twitter and knowledge of how the service works and how marketers use it
  • Systems oriented and organized (ability to create spreadsheets, track data, and set up smart organized systems that help you and your teammates be more effective)
  • High integrity work ethic and a strong passion for art, NFTs, music, and Web3
  • Minimum 3 years of experience planning and running impactful initiatives and campaigns
  • Able to work independently without intensive supervision
  • Able to develop clear and detailed instructions for others and stakeholders
  • Outstanding communication, teamwork, and interpersonal skills; team-first mentality
  • Detail-oriented with excellent time management and organization abilities
  • Capable of managing a flexible schedule that includes nights, weekends, and occasional travel
  • Ability to successfully multitask and manage several projects at once in a high-pressure, fast-paced environment
  • Proven ability to build strategic alliances, relationships, and partnerships
  • Empathetic, insightful, and relatable writing and communicating skills
  • Able to read, write, and speak Spanish and/or Portuguese fluently

Examples of day to day tasks

  • Online event planning, coordination, and moderation
  • Attending events on behalf of Umba Daima and building relationships with other communities
  • Strategically exposing new people and brands to Umba Daima
  • Developing initiatives to engage, support, uplift, and grow the Umba Daima community
  • Monitoring, tracking, and reporting on engagement across all Umba Daima platforms
  • Reading and sharing Web3 news and staying up-to-date with current technologies and trends in the cryptocurrency & NFT space
  • Monitoring the Discord for suspicious actors
  • Attending company meetings, delivering regular updates and feedback to the team
  • Finding promising NFT projects building relationships
  • Sharing educational resources and news updates in the Umba Daima Discord
  • Greeting new members, answering questions, and having conversations in Discord
  • Scheduling posts and content for social media
  • Checking and responding to Twitter and IG notifications and DMs multiple times a day
  • Working with the design team to develop content for social media
  • Maintaining Discord and Google Calendar with accurate event information
  • Coordinating with IRL events coordinators 


Additional Characteristics

  • Comfortable with using multiple applications to communicate with team members, partners, stakeholders, and community members
  • Excellent grammar, punctuation, and spelling skills
  • Detail-oriented
  • Strong verbal communication especially around providing feedback to others
  • Reliable and forward thinking, able to solve problems creatively and independently
  • Receptive to feedback and constructive criticism
  • Resourcefulness, attention to detail, and solutions-oriented
  • Motivated, self-driven and independent self-starter who will research and learn the skills and knowledge they need to be successful

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