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Technology is creating unprecedented opportunities for professional growth, entrepreneurship, AND wealth building.

We’re aim to help people around the world learn about and adopt technology to further their personal and professional lives and improve their communities.

We are building a network of people, brands, and products that further technology adoption with an emphasis on diversity. To us diversity includes ethnicity, culture, age, language, class, gender, religion, ability, and more! Inclusion means creating an environment in which all members of a community have fair access and opportunity to participate.

WITHIN OUR NETWORK WE facilitate the following:



job opportunities

wealth building

professional growth

friendship & camaraderie

business partnerships

artistic collaborations

In this new, challenging, and volatile industry communities are being built at lightening speed but how will they be maintained and nurtured? Thriving in Web3 and feeling a true sense of community requires access to experiences and opportunities.

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We host online events 5-6 days a week on Twitter Spaces and Clubhouse. These are great opportunities for exposure and relationship building. Subscribe to our calendar below.

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promote your art

We promote artists in a variety of ways such as social media posts, media features, exhibits, and more.
To get started, share your art in our discord and

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Monthly in-person workshops by Umba Daima

Attend our in-person events

We regularly host IRL events in different cities INCLUDING A MONTHLY EVENT SERIES IN ATLANTA GEORGIA.

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Discord is a tool for organizing large online communities. Our discord is steadily growing with more sub-communities and channels being added every few months. 

When you first join our discord server, all channels and communities will be hidden. You must make sure you follow instructions carefully to unlock the communities you wish to engage in. Check out our Discord Onboarding Guide here.

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